As a person who has travelled a bit, i have been able to experience some events which are quite interesting and unqiue. A few photos will be uploaded in this section every month showing what i have been up to at times.

June 2012 saw me visit a Catalina aircraft undergoing restoration in Sydney

During early 2012 as part of my travels with aviation publishing, i was able to visit RAAF Richmond , Sydney home to 37 Sqn C-130 H and J model Hercules. I am shown after a inspection on a very wet ramp with a C-130 Loadmaster

I was a hands on railway volunteer in 2008-2010 at a Sydney heritage operation, i am seen after helping to prepare a steam locomotive for a NSW heritage tour the next day. Over 9hrs was spent that day spent working / cleaning carriages, painting parts and prepping the steam locomotive.

In 2011 i am seen sitting in a friend’s L-39 Albatross warbird jet at an airshow. This photo shoot was done as a feature story on the aircraft owner.

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